WordPress Download Manager Pro 2022

WordPress Download Manager is the perfect tool to manage, track, control file downloads from your WordPress website. This simple and easy-to-use WordPress Download Manager will let you gain control over exactly what gets uploaded to your website or given to a third party when you are using WordPress as a Content Management System. WordPress Download Manager Pro is already packed with all the features you need to manage, track, control file downloads such as licensing, price changes, product download errors, product updates.

It also allows you to perform automatic updates of content, images, videos, and other WordPress components, thus making the process of using WordPress much easier and faster. This WordPress Download Manager also lets you set and change your own login password, so no one else has access to the files that you are uploading to your website.

WordPress Download Manager Pro


WordPress Download Manager Pro is a free WordPress plugin that offers basic functionality for users. For more advanced features or to fully automate your website, you may wish to purchase the WordPress Download Manager premium version which is available in the WordPress Plugin repository. The paid version offers all the same features and has additional premium features. WordPress Download Manager Pro comes included in the normal version of WordPress but if you want the ability to download files without being connected to the internet, then you have to install the WordPress Download Manager Professional version which is available on Adobe’s website. Installation is very easy and quick.


WordPress Download Manager is a wonderful free software that offers some of the basic features needed to effectively manage online files. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, then you may need to manage various file formats for your eBooks or websites or you may need to upload pictures from your cell phone camera to share with your friends. WordPress has built-in support for common file types so that you can easily get started with the right plug-in. For example, if you need to upload a picture from your cell phone camera, then just select “uploading file”. Then click “upload now” and wait while the image is uploaded to the WordPress download manager panel. When complete, you will be given a link to view the image in your WordPress blog or website.

WordPress Download Manager Pro

WordPress has built-in support for the File Types plugin so that when you choose to open a web browser based on a file type, WordPress will automatically open a web browser based on the selected type. For example, if you are viewing an article in WordPress and you type in the word document, then a drop-down menu will appear and you can click on “open with” and select the Word document format. Once you have selected that, you can click “save as” and upload the document as a PDF file. WordPress Download Manager will then make the necessary changes to the original document and save it as the desired PDF file. This feature alone makes WordPress Download Manager a must-have for any serious user.


There are numerous benefits to using WordPress Download Manager as a complete e-commerce solution. One major benefit of using this powerful plugin for WordPress is that it will keep track of all downloads that are sent to your WordPress website. This will make it very easy for you to manage your online auctions or marketing campaigns. In addition to this, WordPress Download Manager Pro will also integrate with your existing website administration system and offer you a complete solution that will help you manage digital downloads.

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WordPress Download Manager Pro also offers great security and password protection for your online store. You can set your own password requirements for users that will access your WordPress downloads. You can also set your own time schedule to download pages and automatically approve or reject downloaded file requests.

Another great feature of this powerful WordPress plugin is that it integrates with your existing website administration system so that you can manage all aspects of your online business from one place.


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