Type 2C Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

Normally, while recognizing a twist design, specialists will concede back to a graph and the twist’s characterizing qualities. Studies have prompted subtleties down to the miniature portrayal of twists, taking note of their bend centers around the follicle, underlying units of the shaft, their interrelationships, and multi-layered interactions.1 This is an extravagant approach to saying that the cutoff doesn’t exist while separating twist designs and their foundations.

“Twist type is reliant upon the shape and surface of every hair follicle,” says Josh. “A general guideline to conclude your twist number is to decide whether your hair is coily (type 4), wavy (type 3), wavy (type 2), or straight (type 1). The letters depend on how wide the twist of your hair is, so type An alludes to a wide twist, while type C is a lot more tight twist.”

Singes shares the Marc Anthony outline that she alludes back to with new clients to assist them with characterizing their twist design. “Type 2C hair is viewed as a wave with mentality,” says Sears. “It’s in excess of a wave yet under a full fledged twist. While type 2C hair doesn’t have the shape to be folded over the fingers, the wave design areas of strength for is, with the right items, the hair can truly pop.”

While alluding back to an outline can be useful, twists are characterized past their shape, and understanding different qualities of each kind can prompt a superior translation. “2C hair can likewise be more inclined to frizz, so assuming you end up battling to control your hair when it’s damp, it very well may be 2C,” says Josh.

Separating Between Type 2C and 3A

Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background. 2c hair stock illustrations
The two specialists concur that the 3A twist is the nearest example to 2C. 3A twists regularly show a greater amount of an “S” design, reliably circling down from the root as far as possible. This twist is for the most part obvious and fun, with a width of around one inch. “Type 3A twists have free, enormous winding like rings,” says Sears. For size correlation, she noticed, “the outline is bigger than a highlighter.”

“To test somewhere in the range of 2B and 2C hair, check assuming the wave begins at the root. In the event that it does, it’s reasonable 2C,” says Sears. “To separate somewhere in the range of 2C and 3A hair, check assuming your hair is wavier or really twisted. In the event that it’s to a greater extent a wave, it’s 2C, while in the event that it’s all the more a twist, it’s sort 3.”

It is vital to take note of that you can be between two twist types, and for wavy haired individuals, having various surfaces all through your hair is entirely ordinary. Outside factors including the utilization of hot apparatuses, shading, and synthetic medicines can frequently make harm the hair, affecting the twist and its characteristics.2

How Could You Care for Type 2C Hair?

Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background Classification of hair types - straight, wavy, curly, kinky. Scheme of different types of hair. Curly girl method. Vector illustration on white background. 2c hair stock illustrations
Try not to Over-Wash
The specialists concur: Washing day to day isn’t useful for 2C hair. “You don’t have to wash your hair consistently; assuming you do you’ll wind up stripping fundamental dampness and supplements that your hair needs,” says Josh. “It’s significant not to over wash to try not to have your scalp make additional oil,” adds Sears.

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Use Curl-Friendly Products
“It’s vital to utilize twist upgrading items, as they assist with popping the wave,” says Sears. “2C waves are all around framed, and I think of them as a feature of the twist family. Twist items will add a touch of additional dampness, which will eventually assist with frizz. Likewise, they have a touch of hold to assist people with accomplishing definition.”

2C hair can get got dried out, Sears likewise notes: “Ensure you’re utilizing a hydrating item to sustain the twists and consistently make a point to utilize an intensity protectant to safeguard the follicle as you style.”

Style Your Curls
Styling your twists appropriately can be the way to progress. “The less you whine, the better the development will be, so make certain to brush out your strands in the shower with conditioner preceding flushing,” says Sears. “Add styling items to the hair when wet, and afterward scrunch from closures to roots, and wrap the hair up — ideally in an old tee shirt — to eliminate a portion of the overabundance dampness. This likewise assists with framing a superior wave/twist design.”

Rest On a Silk Pillowcase
Resting on a silk pillowcase is useful for all hair types and can assist keep your twists fun with less frizz. “A silk pillowcase is dependably awesome to rest on,” Sears says. “In the event that your hair is thick, attach your hair in a free pineapple with a scrunchie. Adding a touch of leave-in conditioner utilizing your palms, and delicately scrunching it into your hair toward the beginning of the day can awaken your wave/twist design too.”

The Best Hairstyles and Cuts for Type 2C Hair

With regards to the best styles for 2C hair, the beauticians concur that holding your hair down and free is the most ideal way to embrace your twists. “Individuals with 2C hair can shake a lot of hairdos, however ones that permit your hair to be long will be particularly ravishing,” Josh says. “2C hair is what a many individuals picture when they consider long twists for an explanation, so let your hair go.”

In the event that long hair isn’t feasible or basically isn’t your thing, Sears suggests layers. “Type 2C loves them,” she says. “You will actually want to accomplish different looks with layers. From the wolf to the octopus (we actually get back to them shags behind your), these trims will draw out the best for this hair type.”

The Best Products for Type 2C Hair


For drying and diffusing wavy hair, Josh suggests his Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000. This dryer is intended to limit frizz while fundamentally decreasing drying time and advancing delicate quality and sparkle while guaranteeing a satiny completion liberated from static. It likewise utilizes a specific double filtration framework to diminish energy utilization.

Marc Anthony Grow Long Leave In Conditioner


“[I recommend] Marc Anthony Grow Long Super Fast Strength Leave-In Conditioner and Strictly Curls Curl Envy Leave-In Conditioner ($8),” says Sears. “These items are perfect for all hair types. The two items add the sort of dampness that doesn’t blur, so it stays in that frame of mind until the following wash. They’re likewise great to utilize the following day in the event that you put a spritz or two into your palms, mixing great and delicately scrunching through your hair to revive.”

Goldwell StyleSign Curls and Waves Curl Control Hidratante Curl Cream

Goldwell’s StyleSign Curls and Waves Curl Control Moisturizing Curl Cream is planned to give “moment dampness for sound looking and characterized twists,” as per the brand, and Josh suggests it for sustenance.

Marc Anthony Volumizing Coconut

For twist creams, Sears suggests the Marc Anthony Coconut Beach Waves Air Dry Texture Cream and Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Cream ($8). “These items are ideal for thicker hair types,” Sears says. “Since 2C has a free twist design, to stay away from frizz, these items add rich dampness and a touch of hold.”

Goldwell Twist Around Curl Styling Spray

For the ideal completion to help set and lock hair into place, Josh suggests Goldwell’s StyleSign Curls and Waves Twist Around Styling Spray.

Marc Anthony Instant Thick Biotin Cream – Thick Biotin and Vitamin E Hair Cream To Make Hair

To style and sustain the hair, Sears additionally suggests Marc Anthony’s Instantly Thick Biotin Styling Cream. “This item is ideally suited for fine hair types,” she says. “Getting root lift and surface is the go-to for fine kind 2C hair, so with scrunching and added heat, you’ll accomplish thickness and wave-like examples.”

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