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Pegasus is a malware developed by the Israeli cyber arms company NSO Group which is capable of silently installing itself on iPhones running the most recent versions of iOS and Android operating systems. The main component of Pegasus is a Trojan named Phone Simulator. The hackers behind this attack have developed it to run fake phone call recording and messaging programs on infected iPhones. This means that any attempts to block the Pegasus installation will be thwarted. The main weakness of iPhone security is its reliance on Safari for web browsing. As such, Pegasus is able to bypass Firewall Protection in Safari and send specially crafted code to the iPhone via sniffed URLs.

Pegasus Software


The biggest threat of Pegasus Software is its ability to perform data storage attacks and remotely delete or edit file contents on infected computers. Pegasus has the ability to collect data from any computer, regardless of whether that server is located locally or on the internet. An example of the kind of data that can be collected includes SMS messages, MMS messages, and email attachments, all of which are transmitted over the airwaves. Pegasus can further utilize the data that is already in the memory of an infected machine to trigger specifically targeted server commands. It does all this under the guise of legitimate software programs such as Safari or eBooks.

There have been rumors that Pegasus intends to launch a beta version of its software for free on the iTunes store. This is yet another sign that this illegal program may soon wreak havoc on iPhones running iOS 4 and higher. It is also believed that the Pegasus malware has been developed by an international group of hackers called the Blackwater Group which is based in Maryland. Based on the data available, it is believed that the Blackwater Group is behind the leaks of sensitive information from the confidential Bahamas Bank.

One thing is for certain, Pegasus has made it very easy for people to download and install its software on their infected systems. Despite appearing to be legitimate, this kind of software presents all kinds of problems to the user. Most notably, Pegasus has the ability to run various virus-like attacks against vulnerable computers. In most cases, it is the Pegasus experiment control component that performs all these malicious activities. If you do not know much about clinical testing and data storage, this part of the infection is definitely very useful.


Pegasus also has the ability to run remote control operations on infected smartphones. While many experts say that this particular attack is completely legal, it is still rather troublesome.

The main threat here lies in the fact that Pegasus can remotely locate, record, manipulate and even delete photos and videos taken with the use of an infected smartphone. Some of the most famous celebrities whose smartphones have been infected by Pegasus are Jessica Simpson, Fiona Apple, Rachel Bilson, Charlene Dupree, and Kate Moss.

The second attack identified in this article is the Pegasus Stored Password attribute. As detailed by experts, this technique makes use of the Pegasus” backdoor” application that allows hackers to access the user’s entire smartphone. This means that anyone who knows the user’s password can easily acquire access to his or her personal and business information.

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The encrypted smartphone files (which often include personal and business information) that will be obtained after the takeover are transferred to a remote server controlled by the hackers.

In the final analysis, it can be said that Pegasus Software is not only illegal but also a clear example of how smartphone owners should not fall for these types of programs. The first issue we are addressing here is the fact that Pegasus does not really work like a computer program. Therefore, there is no real way for the user to gain full control over his or her smartphone. The second issue refers to the way in which Pegasus spied on the user’s smartphone and transmitted sensitive information to the hackers. Without going into too many technical details, we can say that this was a bad move for Israel and its citizens.


As detailed in the previous articles in this series, the forensic analysis showed that Pegasus was downloaded onto smartphones without the user’s permission. This means that the government has a valid reason to ban the program. Furthermore, a substantial number of users have found it easy to remove the program once they realized what it is. The best way to do this is by using an online recovery service. Such a service can recover all deleted files and fix system errors. The hackers behind Pegasus were not able to extract a large amount of information from the smartphones using this method, but this is the most effective method for ensuring that no more confidential data remains on the phone.


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