Contouring 101: The Complete Guide to Sculpting Your Face

Known as one of the most famous ways of changing your face shape with cosmetics, forming is a broadly used method that can in a flash upgrade your facial highlights. While you could feel that forming needs to look serious to work, that is a long way from reality. You can accomplish normal cosmetics looks with molding — the stunt is understanding what items to utilize and where to put them as per your face shape.

Ahead, we’ve made a forming guide that is not difficult to follow and will give you wonderful outcomes, highlighting master molding tips from VIP cosmetics craftsman Carolina Dalí. We guarantee this will not be hard.



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Carolina Dalí is a big name cosmetics craftsman who spends significant time in honorary pathway and publication cosmetics.


What Is Contouring?

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Shaping is a method that you use while putting on cosmetics that assists with chiseling or add definition to your highlights. Forming assists the face with looking more etched, and you can use shape to assist with changing the state of a few facial highlights too (assuming that is you’re shifting focus over to’s specialty).

Normal puts on the face that you can form are the nose, cheeks, temple, and facial structure/jaw region. “My way to deal with shaping isn’t tied in with deleting and making new elements however about improving and highlighting the highlights the individual as of now has,” says Dalí. Molding can change because of face shape, and, as Dalí states, “shaping that works for one individual doesn’t [necessarily] work for all. We each have highlights novel to our face and your shaping method ought to be custom fitted to supplement your elements.”


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What Contouring Products Should You Use?

There are at least one or two recipes that you can use to shape with, yet paying little mind to which one you use, one of the main things to recall is that the completion should be matte. You can totally utilize bronzer to form — there just ought not be any gleam. Well known shaping items are cream establishment sticks, cream bronzers, fluid concealers, powder bronzer, and face powders that are marginally more obscure than your complexion. “Pick a shade of form that supplements your complexion; it ought not be excessively warm or excessively dull,” suggests Dalí, as these tones can will generally look orange or extreme.

Underneath, a bit by bit guide for the ideal shape.

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Apply Foundation

The most important phase in getting ready to shape your face is to apply your skincare, establishment, and concealer prior to continuing on toward the molding piece of your cosmetics. This considers you to have a fresh start prior to outlining the regions on the face you need to apply your picked shape item to. In the event that you’re doing a full cosmetics look you can apply your eyeshadows, liner, and mascara before your shape or later; it’s truly dependent upon you and the strategy you like.

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Apply Your Contour

You’ll need to pick where to apply your form in light of the highlights you’re hoping to shape and improve, as well as the state of your face. I have a somewhat round/oval face shape, so I like to apply form along the temple, on my cheekbones, and on each side of my jawline to make somewhat more of a sharp impact.

I’m utilizing Chanel Beauty’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream ($50) as my shape since I love an etched look that gives a sound sparkle, and my skin is very fair (so this is the ideal shade for me). For those with more profound appearances, look at Anastasia Beverley Hills’ Cream Bronzer ($35) or Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix ($28).

Dalí suggests you “try not to define boundaries that are excessively extreme, sharp, and articulated while applying your molding item.” Using a thick brush assists you with applying the cream item right where you need it; you can fabricate the variety as you go to guarantee the form looks normal and that you’re getting the variety you need. Anisa Beauty’s Crescent Contour Brush has an extraordinary shape that considers simple form situation and application.

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Really take a look at Your Contour

After you’ve applied your shape, investigate it and ensure it’s precisely where you maintain that it should before mix. This is the point at which you can add more items or mix out some in the event that you’ve applied more than you need. As may be obvious, I’ve applied form on my brow, cheekbones, and jawline region, and it is beginning to look normally etched. Take as much time as necessary with shaping when you’re simply beginning: There is no rush, and the more comfortable you are with your own highlights, the better it will end up.

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Mix, Blend, Blend

Gently mix your form in a round movement with a soft brush, to guarantee everything is mixed and looks strong. You can delicately mix along the temple, down to the cheekbones, and along the facial structure to the jawline region in a general movement that emulates the numeral 3 on the two sides of the face.

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Apply Your Blush

When your shape is mixed you can then continue on toward become flushed. I’m applying Kjaer Weis’ Cream Blush, utilizing Cle de Peau’s Powder and Cream Blush Brush ($50), to add delicate variety to my cheeks. Utilizing a cream blush will help with keeping your skin looking dewy, yet you can likewise utilize powder become flushed assuming that is what you like.

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I love a decent feature, so I totally apply cream highlighter to the skin when I’ve completed my blush for a wonderful, all-around gleam. Chanel Beauty’s Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick is not difficult to use, as it comes in stick structure and mixes well. I apply my highlighter to the high places of my face so that when the light hits it, my skin looks brilliant.

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Complete Your Look

To finish your formed look, add mascara, lipstick, or whatever else that you’d like. You can shape for regular cosmetics looks or more sensational ones — there’s no restriction to the manners in which you can wear your shape.

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